Jose Angel Manaiza Jr
2 min readFeb 18, 2023

1. Ms. Fullerton what is your passion?

I am passionate about the arts, be it music, dance, literature, or stage and film. I especially love reading the work of great writers. I am also passionate about spending time in nature, and all animals.

2. Tell us about your ultimate favorite book that you have written and why?

Mourning Dove because it’s a family saga set in the Deep South, where I grew up. I wanted to write about the South’s cultural traditions as they applied to two siblings that come to the South as outsiders. Mourning Dove was awarded 13 book awards, and its premise involves the impact of the family dynamic, and how that becomes a frame of reference for the rest of one’s life.

3. What advice would you give to younger women who aspire to become published authors?

With regard to writing fiction, everything begins with having a good story to tell. Write the first draft of your book with the understanding that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You are basically laying the story down. Writing is all about re-writing! Understand that you will be revising your manuscript multiple times and enjoy the process. Make sure your manuscript is in its best shape possible. If you can, hire an editor before you submit your work anywhere.


Claire Fullerton

Claire Fullerton is the traditionally published author of four novels and one novella. Her twenty book awards include the Literary Classics Book of the Year, the Independent Authors Network Book of the Year, and the International Book Awards Gold medal for Literary Fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines including Celtic Life International and Deep South Magazine. Claire is a book reviewer for The New York Journal of Books. She is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Literary Agency and has recently completed her fifth manuscript. She hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and has lived in Western Malibu for twenty years. Visit http://www.clairefullerton.com



Jose Angel Manaiza Jr

Known as The Tutor To The Stars from Malibu to Beverly Hills. Mr. Manaiza is knighted by the order of St John Russian Grand Priory (OSJ) in New York City.