A UNIQUE AMERICAN HEIRESS: Jaimie Hilfiger ‘The Next Kim Kardashian” Earning The American Dream With Her Own Merits

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3 min readAug 31, 2023
Jewelry: IGAL DAHAN @igaldahanofficial | Photographer: Amanda Acocella| @BearFacePhotography|HMUA: Amanda Acocella| @BearFaceAmanda

Jaimie Hilfiger is a model, actress, and beauty mogul. A self-made entrepreneur, she has flawlessly parlayed her early success in acting and modeling into a burgeoning beauty empire.

Even at an early age, Jaimie possessed an innate understanding of the inner power that comes from looking and feeling your best.

As she became a woman, this intuition ignited a calling to help others cultivate confidence through an intentional approach to self-care. In each of her endeavors, Jaimie employs beauty, skincare, and fashion to empower the mind, body, and soul.

During her successful career as an international model and fashion icon, Jaimie sat happily in the seats of the best makeup artists and skincare experts in the world. It was here, as she battled Rosacea, that Jaimie realized that there was an urgent need for high-performance products with healthy ingredients.

So, Jaimie began to work on her own line of beauty and skincare products, ultimately launching The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection. Each product in the collection was created from naturally-derived ingredients and bottled in recyclable packaging.

Today, in collaboration with esteemed manufacturers, Jaimie continues to bring brands to market that align with her mission to pair health and wellness with undeniable glamour.

Jewelry: IGAL DAHAN @igaldahanofficial | Photographer: Amanda Acocella| @BearFacePhotography|HMUA: Amanda Acocella| @BearFaceAmanda

Jaimie grew up the only child of doting, hard-working parents. Raised just outside of New York City, Jaimie had an eye for beauty and fashion from the start, and her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Determined to earn an education, Jaimie attended the University of Central Florida, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media with a minor in Cinema Studies. It was here that Jaimie became involved with philanthropy work through the Ronald McDonald House, an organization she continues to support.

Jewelry: IGAL DAHAN @igaldahanofficial | Photographer: Amanda Acocella| @BearFacePhotography|HMUA: Amanda Acocella| @BearFaceAmanda

Still passionate about beauty and fashion, Jaimie made her way back to the big apple where she lived and worked as a model. Despite her diligence and singular desire to build a modeling career, Jaimie’s earliest endeavors were often met with rejection.

Jewelry: IGAL DAHAN @igaldahanofficial | Photographer: Amanda Acocella| @BearFacePhotography|HMUA: Amanda Acocella| @BearFaceAmanda

Her slight stature made landing runway gigs difficult, but Jaimie was undaunted. Determined, she pivoted and was soon gracing magazine covers.

Jaimie’s big break came when she was scouted in Times Square and became Miss Howard TV. Since then, she has made numerous television appearances, including an E! Network series feature.

Jaimie has appeared on over 30 magazine covers, nationally and internationally, and has earned the International Model Award from the Hollywood F.A.M.E. association. Additionally, she has worked as a Huffington Post columnist, an Us Weekly fashion contributor, and a Fox News Magazine fashion correspondent.

Jewelry: IGAL DAHAN @igaldahanofficial | Photographer: Amanda Acocella| @BearFacePhotography|HMUA: Amanda Acocella| @BearFaceAmanda

Jaimie Hilfiger has been named “The Next Kim Kardashian” by Huffington Post and “The Next Paris Hilton” by Yahoo! News. She’s also been dubbed an American Heiress. And in the American way, Jaimie has worked hard to earn her place at the table.

Jewelry: IGAL DAHAN @igaldahanofficial

Photographer: Amanda Acocella| @BearFacePhotography

HMUA: Amanda Acocella| @BearFaceAmanda

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