Jose Angel Manaiza Jr
3 min readFeb 20, 2024
Beverly Jones

Aging doesn’t have to mean unwanted weight gain, low energy, body aches, or joint pains. That’s why I am an Age Defying Consultant for an exceptional product line that promotes exceptional health and activity at any age. As an anti-aging and wellness coach with amazing products, I can live my passion for helping others age actively while making dreams come true!

After years of joyful dancing and serving as an exercise instructor at my own studio with 28 staff instructors. My decision to open my own studio was motivated by my passion for taking dance classes, but being unable to find a studio that met my needs. I found that although I was getting the exercise I needed, I didn’t feel joyful or passionate about the classes I was taking. I then decided to formulate my own dance/exercise curriculum with happy music that I loved. I started with only a few students, but eventually welcomed over five thousand customers a week, and employed over 28 instructors. However, my home life was lacking due to the number of classes I was teaching, which led to my decision to sell the studio and move to Los Angeles. This allowed me to have a better work-life balance and more quality time with my family.

Ultimately, I began to struggle with a lack of energy, joint discomfort, and brain fog. I was putting on weight and wondering if I would be able to continue the dancing and exercise I loved so much! Then I discovered products that delivered fast and remarkable results. That discovery was truly liberating! Now I’m devoted to sharing high-quality remedies for healthy living.

Not only have I been able to help so many friends, family members, and a growing network of people who want to live better utilizing scientifically formulated nutrition. I’ve also found a recurring stream of income doing what I love — instructing others in dance and proper diet to help you look and feel younger than your age! Now you can experience that too!

Are you looking for a recession-proof business? Whether you are looking to replace your job, or add an extra stream of income I can help you accomplish that!

Do you get paid now to stay healthy physically as well as mentally? I do!

My mission is to find people who want options:

The option to pay for their family vacations. The option to pay for their children’s college education. Finally, the option to build a financial legacy!



Jose Angel Manaiza Jr

Known as The Tutor To The Stars from Malibu to Beverly Hills. Mr. Manaiza is knighted by the order of St John Russian Grand Priory (OSJ) in New York City.