KILLING YOUR INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS a life-changing workshop by Energy Healer Kathrine Ann

Jose Angel Manaiza Jr
3 min readAug 31, 2023

A worshop by Energy Healer & Mindset Coach Kathrine Ann


People really think that every thought comes from themselves. So when a thought such as, “you should kick the dog across the room” comes into your consciousness, you identify with it.

When you identify with your thoughts, you start to shame yourself for thinking that way. So you’re thinking:

​“You should kick the dog across the room”

​“I’m such a shitty person for wanting to kick the dog across the room”

“I guess I should just go kill myself because I don’t want to be a person who kicks dogs across the room”

And once you’ve shamed yourself for those thoughts, it creates a big emotion inside yourself, which signals to your brain that the original thought is a core part of your identity, and that it should repeat those thought sequences.

And repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat.

With every repetition the thoughts get more intense and graphic.


You think that you’re a horrible person because you’ve allowed yourself to identify with your thoughts.

You believed this so much that you’ve started to avoid certain places because of these thoughts, place that you used to love to frequent.

You realized that filling your brain with stimulation from social media helps keep the thoughts at bay…until you stop watching, then all the thoughts come flooding back.

You feel like a waste of a human being, and you’re just waiting for life to be over.


Killing Your Intrusive Thoughts is a 4-module workshop on how to disengage from your thoughts, clear your mind from chaotic chatter, and allow inspirations to flow to you.

You don’t have to “believe in yourself” for this to work. You do the steps; you get the results.

Inspiration cannot come to you if your mind is full.

Creative energy cannot flow to you if you are repelling it with chaotic chatter.

Having a clear mind will allow you to become the creative genius you know that you are.


Kathrine Ann is a Master Energy Healer who helps spiritual people conquer negative emotional cycles using energy healing and mindset shifts.”

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