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Robyn Shreiber

Robyn Shreiber: A Renaissance Woman Making Waves in Entrepreneurship, Dance, and Philanthropy

Medium is delighted to spotlight Robyn Shreiber, a remarkable entrepreneur, philanthropist, and pro-am ballroom dancer who has left an indelible mark in multiple fields. From her pivotal role at J&J Snack Foods to her philanthropic endeavors and groundbreaking footwear brand, Robyn’s journey is an inspiring tale of vision, determination, and giving back to society.

A Journey of Growth and Success

Originally from Philadelphia, Robyn Shreiber’s journey began when she ventured to Los Angeles in 1982 to join J&J Snack Foods, a company her father acquired out of bankruptcy in 1971. Robyn’s strategic acumen and unwavering dedication quickly earned her a prominent position within the company, playing a key role in propelling it into a publicly traded billion-dollar entity. Today, she holds the prestigious position of Vice President of Sales for National Accounts, a testament to her invaluable contributions.

Robyn Shreiber: A Consummate Dancer Balancing Passion and Ambition

Robyn’s love for dancing matches her unwavering dedication to her craft and thriving career. Amidst the demands of her corporate role, she finds solace and inspiration on the dance floor, partnering with the talented dance professionals to pursue her passion for ballroom dancing.

Hailing originally from Philadelphia, Robyn’s journey led her to Los Angeles in 1982, where she embarked on her career with J&J Snack Foods. Her father’s transformative acquisition expanded the company from producing only soft pretzels and churros to a diversified giant, offering over 1000 products. Over the years, Robyn has played an instrumental role in propelling the company to its current billion-dollar status, serving as the VP of Sales for National Accounts.

Despite the demanding responsibilities of her career, Robyn remains committed to nurturing her passion for dance, diligently refining their skills to deliver mesmerizing performances. Her dedication, both on and off the dance floor, exemplifies her exceptional work ethic and unique ability to balance ambition and artistic expression.

Beautiisoles: Where Style Meets Comfort

Robyn’s entrepreneurial prowess extends beyond the corporate world. As the creator and driving force behind Beautiisoles, she has revolutionized the footwear industry. Crafted in Italy from the finest materials, Beautiisoles boast not only eye-catching colors and intricate details but also a focus on reconciling the often-compromised relationship between style and comfort. The brand’s elegant designs have caught the attention of industry giants, earning features in renowned publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Life & Style.

With a growing legion of devoted followers, including celebrities and influencers, Beautiisoles’ presence has rapidly expanded. The brand is available at major retailers nationwide, including Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, as well as in 80 specialty boutique stores like Harry’s in New York City, Yarid’s in West Virginia, and Curio at Faena Bazaar in Miami Beach. Robyn’s dedication to quality and innovation has made Beautiisoles a symbol of sophistication and comfort for the modern, fashion-forward individual.

A Visionary Leader Shaping the Future

Robyn Shreiber’s journey as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and pro-am ballroom dancer exemplifies her unwavering commitment to excellence, impact, and empowerment. Her contributions to the business world, dedication to philanthropy, and innovation in the fashion industry showcase the multifaceted talents of this exceptional woman.

A Heart for Philanthropy

Beyond her success in the business world, Robyn Shreiber’s compassionate spirit led her to co-found RIDE, a 501C3 charity organization with a unique mission. RIDE creates one-of-a-kind dance events to support difference-making charities, raising funds and awareness for vital causes. Under Robyn’s guidance, RIDE has made a significant impact on numerous initiatives, including supporting No Kid Hungry, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Human Trafficking (CAST), and the African Wildlife Foundation. Her dedication to giving back and empowering others exemplifies her leadership on a humanitarian level.

As Robyn continues to lead and inspire, Medium celebrates her achievements and eagerly anticipates witnessing the boundless potential she holds in shaping a brighter future for both business and humanity.

For press inquiries or to learn more about Robyn Shreiber’s endeavors, please contact 818–681–9238.

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