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Abdull Bowman


Interview with Abdull Bowman, Son of Dr. Sebi, Enlightens Over 28 Million Subscribers on Spotify About Natural Body Healing
MARINA DEL REY, CA June 10, 2023 — In a highly anticipated episode, Abdull Bowman, the son of the late renowned healer Dr. Sebi, captivated the audience with his profound insights on natural healing in an exclusive interview on Spotify. This enlightening conversation reached over 28 million subscribers, empowering individuals with the knowledge to heal their bodies naturally.

During the interview, Abdull shared the incredible journey of his father, Dr. Sebi, and the transformative impact he had on countless lives. He unveiled his father’s groundbreaking approach to healing, which emphasized the body’s innate ability to restore balance through plant-based nutrition and herbal remedies.

Abdull’s admiration for his father was evident as he recounted the miracles Dr. Sebi performed. By adopting an alkaline-based diet and lifestyle, Dr. Sebi successfully treated individuals suffering from seemingly incurable diseases. The belief that disease stems from internal imbalances and can be rectified naturally formed the core of Dr. Sebi’s healing philosophy.
Not only did Abdull honor his father’s legacy, but he also inherited his wisdom. Prior to Dr. Sebi’s passing, he bestowed invaluable life advice upon Abdull, which continues to guide him today. Fueled by this profound knowledge, Abdull now carries forward his father’s mission of healing.

In his healing practice, Abdull utilizes six of Dr. Sebi’s main products, effectively treating both ordinary individuals and prominent personalities in Hollywood. His healing abilities have transcended boundaries, making him a sought-after figure in the world of natural healing.
Abdull’s dedication and service to humanity have earned him the prestigious Humanitarian Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions and exceptional leadership. This esteemed accolade not only celebrates Abdull’s achievements but also highlights the immense impact he has made in the lives of those he has healed.

Throughout the interview, Abdull demonstrated deep gratitude and humility, expressing his desire to spread awareness about the power of natural healing. With the knowledge passed down from Dr. Sebi, Abdull continues to inspire and empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

Viewers were left awe-inspired as the episode concluded, witnessing how Abdull Bowman, the son of the legendary Dr. Sebi, carries on his father’s healing legacy. Through his unwavering dedication, Abdull offers hope and healing to all those in need, ensuring that the legacy of Dr. Sebi lives on.
For more information and to explore Abdull Bowman’s work, please visit his official website at ( To schedule consultations, please contact him directly at (323) 535–8972. Click here for the full interview on Spotify:

About Abdull Bowman:

Abdull Bowman is the son of the late Dr. Sebi, a renowned healer who achieved extraordinary results through natural healing methods. Following in his father’s footsteps, Abdull continues to heal and transform lives, spreading awareness about the power of plant-based nutrition and herbal remedies. His dedication to serving humanity has earned him widespread recognition, including the prestigious Humanitarian Award. Through his work, Abdull inspires individuals to embrace natural healing and take charge of their own well-being.



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