Success being a health coach by Jill Bradley RHN

  1. Tell us about your successs being a health coach?

My success being a health coach has been achieved by the people I help in their lives with their new lifestyle.

A life where they could look forward to being active, eating foods that give them energy, not drain them. I love giving people hope when they don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. My success is teaching people how to love and believe in themselves, whether they want to change anything in their life or just look at things differently.

2. What do you recommend for young people who wants to follow your footsteps as a health coach?

For anybody wanting to be a life coach. You have to be a leader who leads by example. Life is full of surprises. We need to be able to embrace surprises. New adventures or challenges, put us on the path for our future. Being open minded, diplomatic, and aware that everyone is different and has their own needs, whether it be Culture and religion, which all play a role in mindset.

Our lives give us life experiences to share with others.

To be a great life coach you have to take all the skills that you have learned through life experiences and channel them to your clients.

So believe in yourself because in reality you are selling yourself to the client. You have to be proficient in every aspect of the profession. This includes working with all kinds of clients, setting short-term goals so that your client will see results quickly and stay motivated. You have to inspire them in a fun way, I find that humour and quick wit works well for me.

3. What do you do for your well-being?

For my own well-being, I meditate every day with positive affirmations. When I go for a walk or hike I put on my headphones and listen to a podcast that inspires me to be a better person. Every day I walk and play with my dog who loves me unconditionally.

I take time out of my busy day for me even if it’s listening to music, reading a book or working out. I surround myself with like-minded people who strive for success and a better world with more humanity. I also try and do a good deed every day, whether it be for a family member, friend or stranger. Smiles are free as are compliments.


Jill Bradly grew up in England, and enjoys keeping an active healthy lifestyle. She is a renaissance woman with unlimited success in fitness, modeling, and acting. From a young a ge, she played competitive tennis & badminton. Jill was a extremely athletic and highly competitive athlete that she played on her High school Badminton Team, Netball Team, Tennis Team & Rounders Team. She made it to the County’s Badminton Team at the age 14.

Jill graduated Hairdressing College and started her own business at age 18. She moved to Canada by herself when she was 24, worked as a nanny, then got married & had 3 children.

Jill became a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, then got her Nutritionist Diploma. Jill got into acting & modeling at age 48. Her modeling success was published model in FLM, Modelzview, RHK, Ellison & Tease Magazines. She has been a Brand ambassador for Conteamerica.

In her acting career, she has been featured in Top Million Dollar Agent — Season 2, Episode 1, Mirvish Productions, Unitron Corporate Video & Georgian Renovations Corporate Video and background actor for the series Suits. Her favorite sports that help keep her in shape are Tennis, Badminton Rollerblading, horse riding, Bike riding, Hiking, walking, working out and kickboxing. Jill Bradley loves spending time with family and friends & enjoys travelling. Jill Bradley resides in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit http// and follow her @minxinstyle.



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