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Marina Edwards is a multi-talented filmmaker, actress, and director who moved to Los Angeles a decade ago to pursue her dream of creating film projects with a strong social impact. She honed her skills at prestigious institutions such as the New York Film Academy, Lee Strasberg Institute, Beverly Hills Playhouse, and UCLA.

Marina established her production company, Ocean Star LLC, which earned her the Best of California Award in 2019. Her latest project, a short film called “The Rain Has Passed,” which she wrote, directed, and starred in, has received multiple awards for its excellent direction, acting, and overall best film.

Talented Actor Idrees Degas with Marina Edwards after winning one of many awards for THE RAIN HAS PASSED

Marina’s love for storytelling and her drive to make a meaningful impact through her work inspire her to create beautiful and thought-provoking artwork that touches people’s hearts.


In a recent interview, Marina shared that her core message behindThe Rain Has Passedis to inspire hope and healing in people who have experienced trauma or grief. Her film is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the power of community and connection in overcoming life’s challenges.

Looking to the future, Marina is actively planning her next project, and she is excited to continue using her talents to inspire change and make a positive impact in the world.

Official Bio of Marina Edwards

Marina Edwards is a rising star in Hollywood, known for her versatile talents as a screenwriter, director, and actress. A passionate storyteller with a focus on creating film projects that have social impact, Marina relocated to Los Angeles 10 years ago to pursue her dreams.

Marina received her formal training in screenwriting from the prestigious New York Film Academy and later honed her acting skills at the Lee Strasberg Institute. She continued her education at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and UCLA, further developing her craft in both acting and writing.

In 2019, Marina founded her own production company, Ocean Star LLC, which has already received recognition and accolades, including the Best of California Award. Her short film, The Rain Has Passed, which she wrote, directed, and starred in, has garnered widespread acclaim and multiple awards for best film, directing, and acting on the film festival circuit in 2022.

Marina has also demonstrated her passion for producing theater productions for children in LA, creating and producing several productions with great success.
Beyond her work in the entertainment industry, Marina is an active member of the District 1 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau and Silicon Beach Speakers, where she delivers presentations to corporate leaders and influencers on the social impact of art and the power of media. Her commitment to creating art with a purpose makes her a standout talent and a rising force in Hollywood. For more information, visit:



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