THE ROCK STAR OF FOSTER CARE: The Inspirational Story Of Dr. Lauren Papa


The Inspirational Story of Dr. Lauren Papa — A Rockstar of the Foster Care System

Dr. Lauren Papa’s journey as a foster parent began with heartbreak and horror. Her four-year-old son was brutally burned by a foster parent who was paid by Los Angeles County to care for him. Despite the pain and sadness that came with returning him to his foster parent, Papa kept visiting her son and eventually gained custody of him on January 2, 2015.

However, the road to healing was far from easy. Her son struggled with aggressive behavior and had difficulty interacting with children his own age. Papa sought help from DCFS, who assigned a “Wrap Around” team to support her son. She fought hard for the best psychological services available and refused to back down until her son’s needs were met.

Throughout her journey, Dr. Papa showed unwavering determination and strength. Her son’s mental health and future were at stake, and she was not afraid to fight for him. Despite facing challenges such as being asked to leave private schools and difficulty finding support from public schools, she never lost faith in her son’s ability to heal.

In March of 2015, parental rights were terminated, and Papa adopted her son later that year. Although her son’s past experiences had left him traumatized, Papa’s patience, love, and commitment to her son’s healing paid off. Her son has grown into a happy, healthy, and thriving child.

Dr. Lauren Papa is truly a rockstar of the foster care system. She never gave up on her son, and her unwavering dedication is an inspiration to all. Her story highlights the importance of fighting for the rights of children in the foster care system and never giving up on them, no matter how challenging the journey may be.